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The Spirit In Treatment: A Personal Experience With A Life Force Energy Crisis


Part of what I want this site to be is an offering of my hard earned Life wisdom.

I’m a woman in my middle years (50s) and everyday I consider myself lucky for finding my way to sanity and health. I mostly credit one person for me helping come back from the icy abyss of energy darkness, but I will get into that later.

For now it’s important to know what I was dealing with for many years. My case is extreme, but not completely uncommon.

The fact is, for many years I felt physically, mentally and energetically awful and I didn’t know why.


A Brief Introduction…

I grew up an athlete. I had been instilled with good eating habits, work ethic and sense of contribution.

Yet, the older I got, the less of myself I became. I had matured, but still felt awful about myself. I learned, but could never seem to have much success no matter how hard I worked.

If any of this sounds a little familiar to you, you may want to spend some time taking in this info. Depending upon how damaged your Life Force Energy is will determine how difficult it will be for you to get out of it.

This series of articles is meant to offer YOU insight into your own Life Force Energy Crisis if that indeed is what you’re struggling with.


My Own Experience With A Life Force Energy Crisis

This goes waaaaay beyond diet and exercise. It goes waaaaay beyond getting a good night’s rest or learning to meditate. Although these things were part of recovery, the problem was waaaay worse than getting a new pillow or eating more salad could ever hope to heal.

In a very small nutshell, I share with you my Life Force Energy Crisis below (and hope you find help and understanding in the process):


“For years, like many, I explored numerous New Age philosophies, attended countless religious services, support groups, twelve step programs, and spent years practicing mediation techniques and yoga. I experimented with different diets and natural remedies.

At the same time, I spent years going in and out of “talk” therapy. I’d read all the self-help books I could find. I watched Oprah. Then I took a series of medical tests that all came back within normal ranges.

I wasn’t even 30 yet, and I felt like a broken down old woman.

After all those years of self analysis, discipline and holistic exploration I felt hollow, empty, and exhausted. I’d arrived in adulthood with a greater sense of self-loathing than ever.

I didn’t understand it.

Although, I had grown and matured, yet at the same time I felt stupid, useless and completely powerless. I knew there was something very, very wrong and this time… I finally realized it wasn’t my fault.

There are many out there right now, struggling and wondering why their efforts are not paying off like I did. Many people are working their butts off, but spinning their wheels.

This is a phenomenon I call, A Crisis of Life Force Energy.

This crisis can not be blamed entirely on how they “think.”¬†Thinking positively works if your energy is intact. Aye, and there’s the rub.

How does one fix a damaged or diseased Life Force Energy if they even understand that to be the problem in the first place?”


That is the question I’m going to try to answer in a series of articles I’ll publish under: “The Spirit In Treatment.”

In essence, that’s exactly what happened to me. My spirit was tended to by someone who could be described as a “surgeon of the spirit”.

If this info resonates with you feel free to connect by social media or by email.

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I would be happy to answer any questions you might have. There are ways to find your path back to your Full Life Force Energy. If you believe you are struggling in that manner I can offer some guidance and suggestions.

Thanks for reading. I wish you many imaginative tales. R.M. Robbins

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