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Stephen King & John Grisham Talk Books

John Grisham

Two of the biggest selling fiction authors on the planet, Stephen King and John Grisham talk about writing and the publishing industry in the video below.

They offer priceless tidbits about publishing their own books and licensing their books for movie rights.

They even talk about the massive changes within the publishing industry, digitalization of books and how they sell fewer and fewer books each year.

The authors speak in front of a large audience who paid to be there. This was a conversation to help raise money for The Library Foundation Inc.

Grisham talks about when his first novel, A Time To Kill and his next novel The Firm, were first picked up by a publisher.

King tells a lengthy, detailed and beautiful story about the time he sold his book Carrie. His agent told him over the phone first. He then went out and bought his wife a present – a hair dryer – to surprise her with when he told her the good news.

He was working as a teacher and his wife worked at Dunkin’ Donuts. They were living in a trailer with their small children at the time. When he tells her how much the advance on the book is – $400,000 – her reaction is perfect.

King and Grisham have obviously been friends for a number of years. They’re very comfortable with each other. This video offers their amazing experiences together as friends and as authors.