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Forgotten Technology of Stonehenge: Man Moves 20 Ton Cement Block On His Own 


tossing a rock from a personal Stonehenge

Forgotten Technology:

Man Moves 20 Ton Cement Block On His Own


People are amazing.

Watch Wally Wallington, a builder from Michigan, create his own personal Stonehenge.

Having worked around building materials and construction site for many years, Wallington has (re)-discovered some ancient techniques on how to move and lift heavy stones around.

In the video below you can see how Wallington moves and lifts 20+ tons of blocks.

He does this only with his own physical strenth, wood, pebbles, and counterweights.

It’s been a passion of his for a number years. His children think he’s a bit crazy until they see the kinds of things he moves.

For example, Wallington helped a neighbor move his barn 300 feet across his property. You can see that in the video below. One man moving a B-A-R-N. Wow.

Besides getting a workout, Wallington creates a compelling argument for some of the possible methods used in the construction of Stonehenge or the pyramids and the like.

See for yourself…

Thank you for reading. I wish you much imagination.

R.M. Robbins

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