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The Power Of Correct Grammar To Make Your Readers Trust You…

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Grammar isn’t sexy, but it’s oh so necessary.

Why? Because the technique or technical side of writing means your work must be organized, have flow and use proper sentence structure and grammar.

Most writers on the internet do not have the luxury of an editor. We’ve got to keep ourselves and our writing in check.

Pull The Reader In

Allow your reader to be pulled deeper into your story without the distraction of incorrect punctuation and bad grammar.

Even if your sentences are worded correctly how do they sound to the reader? Read your work out loud and see how the words sound. The reader will hear them in their head and form pictures as they go along. Don’t spoil it for them with clunky sounding sentences.

Unless of course, it’s intentional. Then it sounds cool.

Sometimes, it’s important to let your story or article sit for a bit after you’ve given it a lot of attention and nurturance. Like all life forms, stories and blog posts, need a lot of care in the beginning.

So let your creative voice, descriptive words and good grammar, punctuation etc. seep into your writing.

Then, come back to it a few days later to see how you feel about it and decide then what needs to be cut or trimmed.

Developing Your Inner Creative Voice

Part of what using correct grammar and technique does is help you to develop your voice as a writer. You can establish an authority as an author by using economy in your words.

Meaning, you only use the number of words necessary to get your point across. Even in a novel there shouldn’t be reams of excess verbiage.

Once you’ve demonstrated how meticulous you are with language you can take your reader down any garden path and they’ll follow.

Heck, you can even start making words up and they’ll love it. Why? Because they know you’re being intentional and not haphazard with them.

So let your creative voice take you down the path to a completed story or article. Remember to remove any doubt or criticism and just write what your voice tells you. Don’t damage that seedling of a creative idea with judgement.

In the end, great writing is a combination of good grammar, great technique, creativity and imagination while your inner voice leads the way.

So I encourage you to read great writing and get professionally reviewed to get the most from your talent!

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