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“Thought Bubbles” & Examining The Steps Of The Creative Process

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We’re all about the internal creative process at The Nexus. 

Any creative project or any material thing at all, exists because someone had a thought. An idea.

There are more than enough creative art and writing techniques bulging from articles, websites and Youtube videos across the internet to last 50 lifetimes. 

So my thing is examining the creative process from the inside out.


A Repetitive Creative Thought Process

For inspiration and research I often bounce around the internet. I am utterly horrified at how many very high PR (Page Rank) blog posts examine the creative process in a clearly sterile and analytical way.

They all say the same types of things in a slightly different way. 

Here’s what I got, when I typed into the Google search engine, for the keyword phrase “the creative thought process…

These are the titles that popped up on the first page of Google search results:

The steps all seem to be based on variances of these 4 principles:

  1. Preparation 
  2. Incubation
  3. Illumination 
  4. Verification

All of these articles are using almost entirely the same language to analyze an inherently mysterious process. At times all of these articles use the exact same words.

How is this helping people understand the creative process in general?

How is it helping people understand their own creative process specifically?

I suspect not much. I was completely turned off and rather ticked off finding these articles. Where are the artists? Why aren’t more people who earn a living from their art writing and talking about the actual creative process? Are they too busy creating to comment on it?

I don’t know, but I had to write this one!


An Internet Full Of “Thought Bubbles”

The internet was supposed to make us super creative. After all, with access to infinite amounts of information we should be bursting with creative ideas.

Instead what I see happening is what the above example demonstrates…. human beings are not becoming more creative online so much as they are grouping together to discuss things they already believe. God help any dissenting voices.

I heard someone call them “thought bubbles” and I think she was right. Thought bubbles exclude thought that doesn’t already fit into their established bubble. This is the very antithesis of creativity. 

Real creative types and artists are constantly seeking new things and a fresh perspective. They don’t abandon their established norms, but they are always seeking to become better… to become more.

Staying in a thought bubble like the above examples show is not the direction a creative individual gravitates to or should even want to go in. As time goes on I will post about this topic regularly. The creative thought process is the only thing we have that separates us from the life we want.

Chipping away at our own “thought bubbles” is one of the most creative things we can do. I will definitely have more on this. Feel free to check out the above articles and tell me what you think. There is some value in them from a creative thought process perspective. Just not that much as far as I’m concerned.


Wishing you many imaginative tales. We at The Nexus

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