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The U.S. Had a Busy Hurricane Season In 2017 And It’s Only Just Begun…

The U.S. Has Had a Busy Hurricane Season So Far And It’s Only Just Started


We’ve heard of Hurricane Harvey and know the devastation it created in parts of Texas.

Check out this inspiring story about Mexican volunteers crossing the border to help Harvey victims.

Is It Irma’s Turn?

Well, now Hurricane Irma is hovering just south of Florida and forecasters don’t know yet whether Irma will touch down on land.

Unfortunately,  the latest computer models are not reassuring.

Two of the most reliable models show South Florida and Miami are the most likely areas in Irma’s path.

If the computer models are accurate, Irma could reach the Florida Peninsula as soon as, Friday or Saturday night.

This season has had a combination of conditions which has made for easier storm and hurricane sized winds to develop.

Could Be A Record Year

In fact, Irma could be the storm that breaks all records since the beginning of weather records.

As it is, both CSU and The Weather Company predicted an unusually active hurricane season this year.

Scientists say half of a hurricane season’s energy happens in September. This means major hurricanes are likely still to come.

On Tuesday, a tropical storm named Jose formed east of Irma and could make its way toward the Caribbean.

Right now Irma is a category 4 or 5 storm slowly traveling south of Florida. There is no category above 5.

Take a look below at what computer’s show us about hurricanes.

Many scientists and weather experts are predicting that not only the United States, but many places around the world will experience some of the worst and most unpredictable weather patterns we’ve ever seen in recorded history.

So hang on to your hats for 2018!


Thank you for reading. I wish you many imaginative tales.

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