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Use FREE Classified Ads Sites To Increase Traffic to Your Website

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Use FREE Classified Ads Sites

To Increase Traffic to Your Website

Classified ads have been around forever!

They started in your local newspaper long before the internet and now have a substantial presence online.

Classifieds ads are best for individuals, small sized businesses and yes, authors.

And like social media, creating an account and posting ads is almost always Free.

The classifieds are a good way of getting traffic to where your book is being sold, your website and a (temporary) back-link when you put your url in the ad.

Get Featured

Another bonus for businesses is the featured advertising on classified ad sites. These are the graphic images with brand names, logos and slogans either on the side, top or bottom of the page. This is great placement for a book cover.

Very often websites will offer pay-per-click (PPC) or banner advertising too.

It’s important to note that no matter what media or computer device classified ads are viewed on, the ads show up. Even the featured PPC or banner ads. Your book cover will look good on a phone, tablet or PC.

In addition, if you run classified ads regularly, it builds future business by familiarizing your name and establishing credibility. In other words, it builds your brand as an author.

Since classified ads are short lived, getting good results from them does takes some thought and creativity.

Think of your classified ads as an opportunity for good SEO. It’s the equivalent of optimizing a webpage or book listing and apply it to your posting.

Include an address and phone number, even if you only sell your books online as ebooks. They don’t have to be yours. It’s for the search engines not potential customers.

Also, it’s important to post regularly. I’d say 2-3 times a week on at least 3-6 classified ad sites.

300 Words & Video

If you can, post at least 300 words. Many classified ads don’t allow that many words, but it does help your ad get found.

Of course, include your website url and even social media account urls. When you write your post remember to include your business’s most relevant keywords.

If the site allows a picture and video then all the better. In fact, a classified ad site that allows video posting… is a gift.

However, a well-written ad placed on the wrong classified ads website, in the wrong category or posted in the wrong location won’t bring business. The search engines will overlook the post.

To get the most mileage out of your classified ad, keep these suggestions in mind and remember to post regularly.

2-3 times a week on at least 3-6 classified ad sites with categories relevant to the subject of your book.

I’ve used this formula and gotten decent results. It won’t create a flood of traffic, but SEO has never been sexy.

It just works.

Take a look below at this video. It goes into this subject in more depth.

Thank you for reading. I wish you many imaginative tales.

R.M. Robbins –

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