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To stand apart on the internet PERSPECTIVE is everything.


The areas I specialize in are:

E-commerce – Especially B2B (I have experience with Etsy, eBay & Amazon)

In depth Reviews of ANY Kind:

ALL products & services especially:

  • books, TV & movies
  • online marketing tools & services

Web Content:

  • Listicles   –  eg. 10 Best Ways to…
  • Authority Blog Posts    eg. Why Trump is now Baked in…
  • How-To Articles  eg. How to Set Up an Author Platform…
  • Review & Rate articles   eg. The Best Autoresponder: Aweber vs Campaignmonitor

Op-Ed pieces (Especially, Culture or Society related) This includes:

  • Anything Technology related
  • Law/Criminality
  • Publishing Industry Related
  • Dating/Relationship/Family
  • Entertainment/Celebrity/Beauty
  • Medical/Physiology/Holistic Health
  • Spirituality/Inspirational/Religion
  • Anything Paranormal or Psychic Related


How It Works


Reach out to Michele at:

I will get back to you ASAP regarding your project.

To move forward you can email me details of the writing project. I’ll need info on the following: 

  • What do you want to accomplish with this project?
  • When do you want the work completed?
  • Will this be strictly remote or will you need me on site? 
  • How do you want the work created and delivered to you? 

Once the terms are agreed upon I will send you a concise contract and invoice. If you want to speak to me before hand we can do that too.

If you’re in the New York area I may be able to drop by your office. No Skype at this time.

*I prefer ongoing relationships with companies and individuals.*


I write a lot of fiction in various forms.

There is a poetry & prompts section on the site if you want to check out samples.

Use a line or the entire poem on your site if you wish.

Please site and link to the source if you do. –

Also please take a look at these samples of my editing & manuscript critiques.

Contact R. M. Robbins at: