I have a voiceover profile on ACX which is the Amazon platform for audiobooks. You can buy audiobooks there. You can sell them and you can narrate them. I (mostly) narrate them.

As a voiceover artist I audition by uploading audio I’ve created based on the script the author has provided.

All of the books that are open to auditions are already on Amazon as ebooks.

Sometimes the author decides they do not want to move forward with creating an audiobook. So they take the audition down.

The tough part is I’ve already spent the time and energy to do my best on the audition.


I refuse to waste my time and energy. All the ACX auditions I perform will be going up on my site here.

The actual Kindle ebook – Sergeican be found on Amazon here…

Listen to my audio audition below. You can find my profile on Audio.com here…

Sergei by Roxie Rivera

Transcript of Sergei ACX Audition

After losing her older brother in a violent robbery, wedding gown designer Bianca Bradshaw refuses to date men with

criminal ties. She’s never been tempted to cross that line until Sergei.

The Russian Behemoth works as an enforcer for mob boss Nikolai Kalashnikov and fights as his champion in the underground bare knuckle circuit.

Sergei is absolutely the last complication she needs in her life, but he’s the only man who makes her body ache with desire

and right now she needs his help.

When Sergei Sakarov learns some creep is bothering Bianca, he vows to protect her at all costs.

He’s been trying to get close to the plus sized beauty for months, but she rejects him at every turn.

He’s determined to show her that he’s worth more as a man than his criminal connections.

But Sergei’s loyalty to his family, both blood and criminal put him at odds with the future he wants, with Bianca.

He has to choose the woman he desperately loves or his loyalty to the man who saved his life.

Because the darkness of the underworld he inhabits is about to spill into Bianca’s life.

And the hardest choice may be the only one that allows him to protect her.

Wishing you much imagination…

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