Below are a few videos from bestselling author Nicholas Sparks.

Many of his novels have been turned into movies.

One of his most successful book to a movie transitions was The Notebook.

It’s interesting to listen to a writer with a lot of commercial success under his belt talk about his experience.


In the video below from “Shelfie” Sparks talks about some of his favorite authors. You may be surprised to know that Stephen King is one of his favorites. 

Sparks says he found King’s books stimulating as a kid and they’ve influenced how he writes now as an adult. 


Although Sparks’ novels are a very different genre that Stephen King’s, he learned from King’s writing that a story needs to be told in a way that keeps the reader turning the pages.

That might sound simple, but it’s much harder to accomplish than it sounds.


The last video is an interview from Amazon Books where Sparks goes into much more detail about his writing process.

Sparks is a different type of author in the sense that he writes romances. He loves to write about love. He thinks it’s the most important part of living. Whether that love is with a family member, spouse or pet.



A tidbit from the Amazon Books interview (the last one below) is that Sparks is a producer on the movies his novels are based on. That is very unusual for an author.

In fact, nine of the seventeen novels Spark’s has written have been adapted for film.


He says this about his 20 year writing career,

“What I’m most proud of in my own career is: I never got lazy.”  


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