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‘Blue Thunder’ – A Poem By Red Robbin

Blue Thunder


The mighty stallion stands so proud
His true nature like soil unplowed
Many strong men cannot subdue
This great equine of silver-blue

Then one morning with skies of gray
As grizzled horsemen chat away
One man’s young son chases a hen
Into the blue steed’s private den

The gallant head turned to explode
Red nostrils flaring, his eyes glowed
Danger deemed of imminent kind
As the boy seemed to be confined

Sensing the child was not a threat
The steed reacted like a large pet
For years to come men would wonder
Why that stallion held his thunder


Blue Thunder a poem by Red Robbin

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‘Trumpet Faces’ – An Original Poem By Red Robbin

Trumpet Faces


Having long lean necks and heads forth cocked
Springing straight up from grass so green
All staring ahead as if shell-shocked
How do they know which way to lean?

Crowned around with buttery petals
And in the midst a jutting bloom
Rich soil and fresh rain give them mettle
Bend and drink in their sweet perfume

Plants in sun hats on trumpet faces
Calling out to all of nature
Coinciding with baseball laces
Spring has arrived this is for sure!

Blossoms of cream, lemon and orange
Begin to flower in April
Atriums boast these within their fringe
Trumpet faces of daffodils


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 “What Is It? You Seem Stressed…” – Random Scene {Written By (Renee) The Writer At The Nexus}

 “What Is It? You Seem Stressed…”

A Random Scene

The following is a random scene I wrote just for creative release.  

“What is it? You seem stressed,” he says to me.

“Oh, it’s nothing.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.” But you’re not.

“No really, I’m a great person to talk to when you need to unload.”

“Oh, that’s okay. I just remembered I have to be somewhere.”

No you’re not a great person to talk to. You’re a blabbermouth. You’re one of those people who thinks other people will just listen to what you say and not watch what you do.

“Where you headed?”

“My therapist.” He won’t get that.

“Well hey, I’m headed downtown I can give you a lift.”

“That’s okay. I’d rather take the bus.” Now I’m just being rude.

“If you change your mind you know you can give me a call anytime.”

“Okay.” Yeah, I’m sure your wife would like that.



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