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As a voiceover artist, writer, editor, coach, WordPress website builder and graphic designer,

It all starts with our initial meeting (by phone or zoom) where we exchange information on what you need written. From there, I go and write you a great post or white paper. I’ll send the copy to you with the graphics included. You look it over and if changes need to be made I do that and get back to you until you’re satisfied.

I believe in being easy to deal with.

I want to help make your business, along with mine, as streamlined as possible.

Contact me to start the process. Rates are reasonable and so is the turnaround time.

Below is The Writers Nexus blog where you’ll find examples of my writing.

Renee wears several hats. Find them here:

Developmental Editor

Cognitive & Behavioral Coach

Freelance Writer

Contact Renee The Writer at The Nexus today to get your branded, well-written content seamlessly…  thewritersnexus@gmail.com