Developmental editing is at the core of making a good writer great.

For many years I wrote dull, go-nowhere stories, until…. I began to reverse engineer my writing process.

That was right after I got some really good advice from a writer and editor friend.

From that point on, I could see my writing improve every few months.

The more I looked at my work from the 4 necessary points of view, the better my writing became.


I will do that with your manuscript as well, along with asking a lot of questions.

The questions are designed to get you thinking about your writing like your reader.

That’s a tricky thing.

If you can do that, everything else gets easier after that.

The developmental editing report is based on the concept of reverse engineering your writing, as well as, tapping into your critical thinking skills to improve your work.

I do this with a series of questions that are partly based on my years of experience as a writer and editor and part on the Socratic Questioning Method.


Who This Is For…


If you’re a writer with intermediate level skills and know you have room for improvement, this service is for you.

I’ll comb through your work word by word, sentence by sentence.

I’ll give you a 2 page report filled with suggestions for improvement as a seasoned editor and my impressions as a first time reader of your work.

What this does for YOU and your WRITING is multi-fold.

  • You’ll start to understand now to look at your own writing objectively.
  • I’ll show you the 4 different perspectives you need to use to determine where the holes are in your storyline.
  • I’ll show you how to be descriptive and succinct with your words
  • I’ll relay what you need to do to have your reader see and feel your words on the page like a movie in their minds.
  • You’ll see how all of this will make you the kind of writer who makes a real impact on their readers.
  • I’ll be teaching you the principals of good story telling that have worked for 1000s of years.
  • You’ll be able to find YOUR OWN way of working and not get stuck learning someone else’s system.
  • Because what I offer is based on ancient storytelling you’ll be able to identify where your writing is going wrong and how to fix it… FAST!

To Receive Your Developmental Editing Report…

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