I listened to an audiobook video on Harry Potter And The Cursed Child a couple of years ago.

The listening lasted several days as it’s over 6 hours long. {This audiobook was up on youtube and has since been taken down}

This is a PLAY that was performed on Broadway and other large theaters.

The reader is very good. He sounds highly professional and seems to have an authentic English accent.

Unfortunately, that’s basically the highlight of this otherwise very average story. That’s by Harry Potter standards of course.

The play focuses on the main characters, Harry, Ron and Hermione who are fully grown.

They now have children of their own who are off to Hogwarts.

The premise of this particular story relies heavily on the very last time turner in existence.

Much of the play is spent on the 5th book storyline…. Harry Potter The Order of The Phoenix.

In my opinion, Harry Potter and The Cursed Child  just doesn’t have the same magic as the rest of the Harry Potter series.

That could be because JK Rowling had two co-authors for this story.

I’m just not sure why a time turner of all things was used to be the catalyst for this story.

There are some interesting scenes with Harry and Ginny’s son Albus and Draco Malfoy’s son Scorpius.

Although, perhaps oddly, there seems to be some romantic undertones within the friendship between Albus and Scorpius.

There may be some underlying agenda here. Although, it doesn’t really matter to the overall storyline.

It just seems like a distraction in an already waning storyline.  I suspect Rowling’s two co-authors had something to do with this deviation. 

The Cursed Child? Or Children?

John Tiffany and Jack Thorne are known playwrights and authors.

I didn’t understand the direction this story went in. It just wasn’t that interesting. 

Rowling wrote all 7 of the Harry Potter books by herself.

We were spellbound. I know I was. Many nights I spent reading till the wee hours.  

ALL her books were met with this type of fascination.

In fact, each book built on the next and became more spell binding each time (pun intended).

The Harry Potter and The Cursed Child is playing in 5 major cites around the world.

Here are the links to book tickets in the theater near you. They all open in new tabs:

** This review was written in 2018. The information on playing dates will have changed by 2020.**

London at The Palace Theater – https://www.harrypottertheplay.com/uk/

New York at The Lyric Theater – https://www.harrypottertheplay.com/us/

Melbourne at The Princess Theater  – https://www.harrypottertheplay.com/au/

San Francisco – Curran – https://www.harrypottertheplay.com/san-francisco/

 Hamburg, Germany – Theater am GrBmarkt – https://www.harry-potter-theater.de/

Even though I found the storyline itself to be “average” for a Harry Potter book it has still won awards.

Find The Cursed Child on Pottermore below…


Here is a Review for Harry Potter and The Cursed Child from MovieFlame on youtube…

I couldn’t agree with him MORE…

Wishing you much imagination…

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