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WRITING A CHILDREN’S BOOK? The 7 Deadly Sins of Writing Children’s Books (VIDEO)


The 7 Deadly Sins of Writing Children’s Books 

    In the below video I give you the first 3 tips

on writing your children’s book… free.

This video is narrated by the author of The Seven Deadly Sins of Writing Children’s Books.

We go through the first 3 “deadly sins” and offer writing tips and an overview of the types of mistakes new writers tend to make when writing for children.

Here is a list of the & Deadly Sins:

  • #1 Pictures Do Not Tell the Story
  • #2 Show Don’t Tell
  • #3 Marry Logic With Creativity
  • #4 Action, Action and More Action
  • #5 Do Not Make Assumptions
  • #6 Create a Real Story Around the Lesson
  • #7 Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation

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7 deadly sins of writing children's a book


Wishing you much imagination…

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