I love…. absolutely LOVE, old fairytales.

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When we were little, our mother would read bedtime stories to us from the old book of fairytales her mother told her at bedtime.

She’d sit on the edge of the bed and open a huge, frayed, rectangular hard-cover book and tell us what happened to Hanzel and Gretel. Or what happened to Little Red Riding Hood.

The book had lovely script font and haunting and amazingly detailed illustrations.

I couldn’t get enough of those creepy, not-quite-sensical storylines….

These 25 stories don’t have your typical happy endings. They’re rather gruesome and shocking tales sometimes.

Originally, fairytales used to be aimed at both adult and child alike. Children were expected to grow up much more quickly in those days. They weren’t emotionally sheltered like they have been for the last 25 years.

It’s time to hold on tight as we dive into these 25 Dark and Disturbing Original Versions Of Children’s Fairytales.

The Fairytales are as follows:

  1. Sleeping Beauty
  2. Pinocchio
  3. Peter Pan
  4. The Three Little Pigs
  5. The Little Mermaid
  6. Aladdin
  7. The Ugly Duckling
  8. The Frog Prince
  9. Alice in Wonderland
  10. Beauty and the Beast
  11. Cinderella
  12. Puss in Boots
  13. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
  14. Hansel and Gretel
  15. Mulan
  16. Rapunzel
  17. Little Jack Horner
  18. Brer Rabbit
  19. The Goose Girl
  20. Chicken Little
  21. The Fox and the Hound
  22. Pied Piper
  23. Little Red Riding Hood
  24. BlueBeard
  25. Rumpelstiltskin

Here’s a synopsis of Rumpelstiltskin.

It’ll give you an idea of what you’re in for with these fairytales.

“The Brothers Grimm’s Rumpelstiltskin, tells the story of an impish little man who makes a deal with a miller’s daughter who’s found herself in trouble with the king.

Her father tells the king she can weave straw into gold (she can’t) so he puts her to it, saying he’ll kill her if she doesn’t do it by morning.

An imp shows up and makes a deal with the girl. He’ll weave the straw into gold if she gives him her firstborn. She says yes.

of course, when the child is born, she can’t give it up.

Rumpelstiltskin agrees to relent if she can guess his real name.

The girl eventually sneaks to his house in the woods and overhears him singing his own name.

The next day, she tells him his true name. In a fit of rage, Rumpelstilskin drives his right foot into the ground then grabs his left foot and tears himself in two!”


This youtube video below shows us some of the world’s classic fairytales in their original and dark versions…

Watch if you dare…


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Wishing you much imagination…

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