This is the Original 1943 version of Chicken Little From Disney Classics – And it’s NOTHING like you remember.   (Find the modern version of Chicken Little)

I had to put this up here because there is such phenomenal historical content in it.

You’ve got to see it to believe it…

This Chicken Little version that is still relevant for today… frighteningly so. Why? Because it addresses the aftermath of the second world war in stark terms. It first aired in 1943. World War II had only just ended. It was fresh in everyone’s mind.

So they spoke about how we had arrived at that point and the spoke about Hitler. Yes. The cartoon Chicken Little talks about Hitler. They even quote Mein Kampf.

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1943, post World War II, were hard times for America and the rest of the world.

Hitler and the evil he accomplished was breathtaking and horrific. This cartoon is a testament to the country’s sense of responsibility. It speaks to instilling in children a strength and awareness beyond what many could comprehend today.

The narrator at the very beginning of the video has some very important information to share. Do not miss it.


I think this is the kind of story kids should be watching today.

I miss the grit, wit and edginess that cartoons used to have.

Today’s children’s entertainment tends to be so boring… and not just for the adults.

It’s sad and destructive to sanitize children’s programming to the point of vapid silliness.

Kids are smart.

Mr. Disney knew that. Look how this version of Chicken Little teaches kids about leadership and thinking for yourself. The consequences of placing too much faith into other people’s thought processes is well… dire.

Things have changed and so did Disney.

Take a look at Chicken Little and Foxy Loxy in this 1943 cartoon of Chicken Little.


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