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INVISIBLE by James Patterson


Author: James Patterson

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Main Characters

Emmy Dockery – FBI Researcher. Dogged and obsessive about finding bad guys. 30-ish, brunette, smart, attractive and our lead protagonist.

Harrison “Books” Bookman – Former FBI agent turned book shop owner. Former serious love interest of Emmy’s. Gets dragged back into help on the case.

Graham – Our evil and stealthy villain. Marty is a slippery bad guy who will have you absolutely shocked by the end.

Phil Dickerson “The Dick” – Emmy’s boss and resident slime ball. He has sexually harassed Emmy in the past and has power to stall if not completely end Emmy’s career.

Book Review

I found the first chapter of Invisible to be a bit confusing. After that it digs a deep and winding story path.

Emmy Dockery discovers early on that her sister has died in a house fire. This is not a spoiler by the way. I don’t like spoilers or telling the reader too much about the plot in general.

It’s the death of her sister in the fire that is in large part what drives an already driven FBI researcher. Emmy looks in places no one else thinks of. She sees patterns no one else does.

Emmy has many of the common traits used to motivate protagonists of mystery novels and TV dramas. These commonalities prove no less effective here. Emmy is likable. We can respect her. We root for her even when everyone around her questions her theories.

This is very important in any novel.

You’ve got to want to root for the hero or why continue to read the book?

Patterson & Co-Authors

I often read reviews about James Patterson’s work that focus on how “diluted” his writing has become.

Readers question how much writing he has actually done in the last several years. Many suspect he does some light editing, slaps his name on the cover, sells a bunch of books and calls it a day.

What many people miss in a co-author situation is the understanding of synergy and the creative force within us all.

Patterson is wildly prolific. He had a string of hits before starting to work with co-authors.

Working in synchronicity with a partner or a small group of like minded individuals can fuel an otherwise pallid creative fire.

Why shouldn’t Patterson inject fresh ideas into his books? Writing can be a lonely, agonizing slog through an entire novel all by yourself.

I‘m sure Patterson chooses his co-authors carefully and I’m also sure nothing gets in the books without his approval.

The Story

The plot moves at a furious pace. You almost wish it would slow down just a bit. A little more character development. A smidge more description. Just enough to fill the imagination to the edges.

Nope. No time for that.

Patterson demands that his stories fly. Frankly, reading Invisible is much like what riding a bucking bronc must feel like. Wild and twisting. It’s also why I keep buying his books.

Whatever you think of Patterson and his co-authors, it’s in your best interest to read Invisible.

Read this book, if not for the protagonists, but for the villain himself.

Personally, I think this is where we see David Ellis’s hand on the wheel. This particular baddie is so surreptitious and so excruciatingly detailed in his approach to his victimization… it’s astonishing.

The ending to his victims’ lives is almost too detailed to read.

What I love about Patterson is that he’s disciplined enough to know when to STOP.

He doesn’t go into full blown gore. Although it would be easy to do with this villain. He also knows when to stop a sex scene and just insinuate. After all, this is a mystery/thriller not erotica.

What the Authors Accomplish

All in all, this is a fast paced read. And the ending… you will not see coming. It’s everything you hope it to be. I was shocked.

I even went back through the book to check some of the details to see if they had just misled us to the end.

Not so.

There were no “gotchas.” It all made sense. Emmy, Books and the rest of the FBI team just couldn’t put the pieces together until the end.

This is storytelling to the max. If you love James Patterson you will LOVE… Invisible by James Patterson.

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