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Spiritualists and Spiritualist Healers – Who Are They & What Do They Do?

In a Nutshell:

Spiritualism is a spiritual belief system with 3 branches; religion, philosophy and science.

It’s a monotheistic religion, philosophy and science based on the practice and demonstration of psychic mediumship.

A Spiritualist is a one who believes in communication between this world and the Spirit World by way of mediumship. Most often Spiritualists are gifted and advanced in the ways of psychism and mediumship.

However, not everyone who is a Spiritualist is a gifted psychic.

Basically, anyone who shares a similar belief system as that of Spiritualism can become a Spiritualist.

Here are some links that explain Spiritualism:

Basic concepts of Spiritualism are:

  • A belief in spirit communication
  • Our souls continue to exist after our physical death
  • Believe we are all personally responsible for our life circumstances
  • A belief that there is One Universal Power, Divine Creator, God Source or Infinite Intelligence
  • Believe that Nature is a direct reflection of the Divine Creator –> that life responds to human beings as human being respond to the Laws of Nature


The 3 Branches ————————————-

1- Spiritualism as a religion follows the Laws of the Divine and recognizes all prophets from all religions throughout the ages.

2- Spiritualism as a philosophy follows the Laws of Nature and believes that each individual and his/her life will be directly affected by how he/she follows those Laws.

3- Spiritualism as a science is based on mediumship as proof of life after death and the existence of spirits.


Spiritualist Beliefs ————————————-

Spiritualists believe that we are here to evolve spiritually and that that belief needs to be used to serve others as we continue to evolve.

There are many Spiritualist Churches across America and around the world. They all hold weekly Sunday services that are similar to the average Christian service.

The most distinctive feature being the psychic messages given to the audience members by the Spiritualist reverends as part of the service.

Although human beings have been communing with spirits since the beginning of time, it was not until the mid 1800s that an organized Spiritualist movement began.

The Spiritualist movement started when a surge of psychic mediums began giving public demonstrations of mediumship. This was after or in response to stories of psychic phenomenon began circulating throughout towns and villages.


Origination of Spiritualism ———————–

It seems to have originated in the eastern United States and parts of the UK. From there, the fascination of Spiritualism and mediumship grew and spread to other parts of the world.

Many people had their own stories of psychic phenomenon to tell. Others were interested in contacting their won deceased relatives.

Groups formed and met on a regular basis to develop their own psychic mediumship abilities.

Eventually, after a number of decades, many frauds were exposed and the movement died away. Not before Spiritualist Churches hod formed and taken root throughout the US and abroad.

Spiritualist Churches are alive and well today.

The word Spiritualist has become an accepted term for those who were born with an exceptional psychic ability independent of any affiliation with a Spiritualist Church.


Define A Spiritualist Healer ———————-

Spiritualist Healers are psychics born with exceptional ability. They are then trained to heal the human energy field and work with the etheric entities around us.

They are not necessarily members of a Spiritualist Church and those who are are not necessarily Spiritualist Healers.

Spiritualist Healers are almost always trained by people within their own families. The knowledge is usually passed down through generations. This powerful work that can be very effective in dealing with all types of maladies, be they mental, emotional, energetic or physical.


What Spiritualist Healers Do? ———————-

What a Spiritualist Healer does is very specific. Psychically and intuitively they discover where damage is in a person’s energy, discover how that injury in affecting the person and how to heal and correct it.

They can be intuitively shown (whether through visual, auditory or kinesthetic means) where and how to heal the damage. This includes channelers. You might want to check out what Karl Mollison is doing.

I wish you many imaginative tales. R.M. Robbins

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Working With Psychics & Spiritualist Healers To Avoid Opioids And Antidepressants



In my quest to discuss the Life Force Energy Crisis we are seeing everywhere in our American culture, I do my best to bring a sensible and rational approach to working with the type of psychic known as a Spiritualist Healer.

I’m a woman over 50. Statistics say that about HALF of all women in my age range are on opioids and anti-depressants.

At an age when a woman has more to give than at any other time in her life, millions are trying to medicate themselves out of darkness.


I can’t imagine medicating myself to that extent. I’m hard pressed to take aspirin.

Does that mean my life must have been so much more successful and ‘easier’ than the millions of women my age over 50?

Not. Even. Close.

It was hard. Really hard.

There were countless times when I wondered how I could ever keep going. At one point; for most of one year, I would fall asleep at night and wonder if I would wake up in the morning.


At that time, I was in my late 30s. I was physically healthy and as mentally balanced as I could be struggling such as I was. I was NOT suicidal. I was NOT lazy. I was NOT on drugs or a partier.

It was my Life Force Energy or the lack of it. It was a mere flicker. For me then, sleep meant taking a chance that my whisper thin spirit would come back when called in the morning. Otherwise, I could drift off forever.


So, here I am in my 50s feeling pretty good. Things in my life could be better, but I’m definitely grateful and content.

I get up early and continue to strive to make myself, my life and the lives of those around me just a little bit better. I certainly didn’t have this level of internal contentment for most of my life.


So, the truth is I have many reasons to be cranky, nasty and bitter as a middle aged woman and I’m NOT.

But, I get it. I get why half of my sisters are on opioids and antidepressants.

I’m just saying this; look elsewhere. There’s another way.


I won’t be condescending and say it’s a ‘choice.’

However, it is a responsibility.


People need to help each other, but each individual is responsible for their own lives no matter how intertwined it is with others.


This is where a psychic Spiritualist Healer comes in. They are few and far between and don’t have the same level of skill.

However, a good psychic Spiritualist Healer can help heal your energy which in turns, heals so much more. Opioids and antidepressants become unnecessary. It’s not magic. It’s true healing.


And YES… there are many charlatans in the industry.

It can be very difficult to know who is real and who isn’t.

Especially when you’re feeling vulnerable, weak or confused about your situation.

I will go more into this in other articles, but in the meantime, if you’re looking for a true blue Spiritualist Healer I can refer you to one of the best.

You can meet her face to face if you’re in the New York area or speak to her on the phone.

Contact me below for details. In the meantime… Stay strong and be You.

hanks for reading. I wish you many imaginative tales. R.M. Robbins

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Intention And Healing: When Psychics Become Psychologists


My intention, when writing about The Spirit In Treatment, is to document and describe the events of a Life Force Energy Crisis.

More often than not, I find the internet is woefully devoid of specific and complex information on the human energy system.


Many Are Struggling

Yet, from my experience, I believe many people are dealing with a wide variety of damage to their energy systems.

The reasons for this are multi-fold. When I grew up, the most advanced technology was a pager. Remember those? Computers were huge things that sat on desks in offices where the employees could communicate within their own network.

The modern internet as we know it today, didn’t come along until the 80s. Of course, the seeds of the computer generation were sown much earlier in the 1950s.

Today, our world’s population has more than doubled that from when I was a child. I found a page with some interesting stats on global numbers of people. See below.


Here are a few stand out years over the last couple of centuries:

The year 1900 –> The world’s population = 1,600,000,000

1951 —>  2,583,816,786

1971 —>  3,775,790,900

1990 —>  5,330,943,460

2000 —>  6,145,006,989

2010 —>  6,958,169,159

2019 —>  7,714,576,923   <—– !!!!!

Why Is This Relevant?

Between the insane number of people on the Earth and near constant contact with computer devices, human beings have put themselves in a position that is just not natural.

For so many people, their energy level and negative or erratic emotions are at an all time low and high respectively.

I believe this is because of the daily, microscopic damage done to our energy system through interacting with technology, being sedentary for much of the day, and living and working with so many other human beings usually in congested areas.

We can replenish ourselves with good food and a good night’s rest, but when your energetic system is damaged, it affects everything else.


Turn Away

That’s why I think it’s so important to turn away from pharmaceuticals, modern medicine and talk therapy. They don’t work when it’s your energy which is damaged.

For example, America is in the midst of an opioid crisis with women over 50 being particularly at risk.

That’s not normal by any standard. Taking drugs to cure every ache and pain is not how the human physiology was meant to function.

If you have severe pain from an acute incident, such as a compound fracture or severe pain from a chronic illness, such as cancer, then the wonders of modern medicine should intervene.

I’m not against progress. It’s the malignant adoption of said progress that can be so damaging.


Done Talking

I also think talk therapy is highly over rated. There are few therapists that can stay mentally present enough with their clients and have a psychological arsenal of life adaptation tools at the ready to do much good.

I know. I was in and out of talk therapy in my 20s.

I think they meant well, but I’m not sure much healing happened.

Although, I can analyze human interactions quite well. It doesn’t amount to much, but it come in handy when I’ve done stage acting.

So unless the counselor has real psychological coping strategies to share with their client and can truly stay mentally focused and energetically positive during the session, they won’t be much help.


Psychics As Psychologists

This is why so many people are seeing psychics nowadays. You may not know it, but a good percentage of the people in your office went to get a palm reading or their tarot cards read over the weekend.

Yes… and that includes Ted, the funny looking guy down the hall, Marcy, the buttoned up manager and John, the tall CFO.

How do I know this? Because my best friend, soul sister and sister-in-law is a psychic and Spiritualist Healer.

I’ve known her for more than 20 years. She is a psychic of the highest caliber. She has clients from all walks of life including business owners and executives. After all, she is in the New York City area.

So, if you’re curious or really do need some help and guidance, consider consulting a psychic.

And if you’re in the NY area, send me an email… I can give you the number of a great psychic!

Thanks for reading. I wish you many imaginative tales. R.M. Robbins

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What is A Life Force Energy Crisis {LFEC} And How Is It Healed?


If you’re in the middle of a Life Force Energy Crisis {LFEC} you will probably have experienced tremendous lethargy, depression, anger, mood swings and exhaustion.

Today we have several names for this combination of symptoms. OCD, ADD, ADHD, PTSD, bipolar disorder, manic depression, possibly fibromyalgia and more.

A crisis of LFE can lead to many issue such as; addictive behaviors, ongoing financial problems, chronic health troubles, and constant difficulties in relationships. I talk about it in The Spirit In Treatment series of articles.

I’m not a doctor, but I have been trained as a physical therapist. I have a certain understanding of the physiology. I realize there is a biological and often genetic component to these health conditions.

What I’m suggesting is that Life Force Energy has a direct influence on our mental and physical health. The deviation or corruption of our LFE, can lead to and exacerbate any adverse health conditions we may have.


Perhaps You’re Struggling

If you’ve stumbled across this blog then perhaps you’re struggling with your LFE. Perhaps you know that whatever health issue you have has in part been created because your Life Force Energy is not flowing through you as you know it should.

If that’s the case, then The Spirit In Treatment series, is where I discuss an alternative therapy to the medical field or even holistic and herbal medicine. This energetic based healing is not a quick fix. It’s also not an ongoing treatment that will last for years.

Life Force Energy healing goes to the core of physical problems or destructive mental and emotional patterns.

I’m speaking of an energetic cure and spiritual healing that must be performed by a specialist. This specialist is known as a Spiritualist Healer. These are psychics and professionals who do much, much more than read some tarot cards or palms.

Like every other ability, there are degrees and aptitudes to being psychic.

However, when talking about your Life Force Energy and the healing of it, we’re interested in psychics who are Spiritualist Healers. They are few and far between. Especially the good ones.


What Spiritualist Healers Do

Like a doctor or surgeon, a Spiritualist Healer cuts into and repairs the human energy field or aura.

This may sound like an absurd claim, but I can tell you from personal experience that this is the kind of work that helped me.

In fact, it was the ONLY healing work that helped when everything else failed. That includes medical treatments and holistic therapies.

A real Spiritualist Healer can repair damage to the etheric layers in a person’s energy field. If you have a LFE crisis then THIS is the professional you want to see.

Most of us understand on an intuitive level, that everything begins in the energetic realm. A scrap of self awareness tells us that before every thought, movement or event there is an unseen energetic formation that propelled it into existence.

A Spiritualist Healer can be the perfect accompaniment to the work we do with a therapist or doctor.

In fact, working with a Spiritualist Healer along side other types of healing professionals can speed up the recovery.

I speak from my own experience on this. I’m a full grown adult in mid-life; and no, there is no crisis.

This is in large part because my LFE was healed and I continue to take care of it everyday.

It doesn’t mean that I don’t still have moments of sadness or negativity, but this arises infrequently and when it does it’s scant in intensity. That’s a far cry from where I was.


The Series

The Spirit In Treatment series of articles, is geared toward those of you who are still struggling and don’t know what else to do other than the myriad of things you’ve already tried.

We live in remarkable, even unbelievable times. The energetic pressure exhibited daily on human beings is tremendous. Part of that has to do with technology. Part of it has to do with other global factors, both seen and unseen.

So if you’re someone who is struggling in your life in any way, I hope The Spirit In Treatment series can help.

Should you have any questions please feel free to send an email. I’m always happy to provide any answers or information I can.

Thanks for reading. I wish you many imaginative tales. R.M. Robbins

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