Bedtime Battle: Funny Children's book about two brothers, who don't like taking a Bath and prepare to bedtime. Picture Books, Preschool Books, Books Ages 3-6, Baby Books, Kids Book, Bedtime StoryBedtime Battle: by Allison Myers

This is a funny bedtime story for kids about two brothers, who don’t like taking a bath and prepare to bedtime.


This is considered a picture books or preschool books which is suitable for Ages 3-6.

It could be considered a baby book, a kids book and a bedtime story.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a sweet bedtime book that highlights the hassle bath time can present.

The pictures are colorful and the story is easy to read. It’s also a rhyming story so that’s always fun.

I read it to my nephews and they related to it well. In fact, it may have given them a few ideas about how to harass mom and dad at bedtime!

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Thank you for reading. I wish you many imaginative tales.

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