As an artistic person you may often hear voices in your head that swing from one extreme to the other.

Especially, when working on a creative project. So, how do you know which voice in your head is the intuitive one?

So how do you know which one of the voices is the intuitive one?


Below is a great video by Eckhart Tolle. He explains how discovering awareness can free us from inner conflict.

What I like about Eckhart Tolle is his simplicity. At the same time, his teachings are profound.

I believe he is living what he teaches which can’t always be said of teachers. Especially, ‘spiritual’ teachers.


A member of the audience asks about something that most everyone has dealt with…

The fighting between the positive and negative voices in your head.


Tolle’s explanation is eloquent if delivered in a slightly awkward way.

His timing is impeccable and his comedic flare is spontaneous and ready to pounce at any opportune moment.

Which I would think is the way it should be for a spiritual master.


Thing I liked best about this 20 minute video was the part where he states our thoughts are “entities”.

From my personal experience I have found this to be the truth. Without a doubt thoughts can create a “form” of energy… which would create an entity.


If you study the science on this, they have discovered the truth of thoughts forms because they can measure them. They are quantifiable and embedded in the quantum field of energy.


This is why when we hear the catch phrase, “What you think about, you bring about” it’s the truth.

Most people can recognize the truth in that statement.


In this video Tolle breaks down the concept of, “You are what you think about” in unparalleled specificity and simplicity.


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