In this author interview, Lee Child and Stephen King talk mostly about Child’s Jack Reacher series.

During Child’s 2015 tour for his latest Jack Reacher novel, Make Me, the author sat down at the Sanders Theater in Cambridge, MA with fellow author Stephen King.

King is a huge fan of the series. There are now 25 books in the Jack Reacher series as of 2020. Wow!

Lee Child is thrilled people are rooting for his character Jack Reacher.


As a result, Child says he will continue to write the Reacher series, instead of journeying forth with a completely new stand alone novel.

Child is generous enough to mention one of Stephen King’s new books Mr. Mercedes. It’s the first in a trilogy of King’s Bill Hodges’ series of novels. I read it and really enjoyed this book.

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Child and King also talk about the casting for Jack Reacher (at that time) in the upcoming movie. It was supposed to open in October 2016 which it did.

Tom Cruise is the big screen version of Jack Reacher. The authors discuss the casting of Cruise in the role.

You may be surprised at the attitude and what they say about the decision. Ultimately though, Lee Childs had absolutely no say in who was cast.

The producers made the decision without consulting him at all. This is quite common in Hollywood.

Unfortunately, studio executives don’t have much use for the best selling authors who pen the novel their blockbuster movies are based on. 

However, Never Go Back has been delayed and will now be released in December 2016.

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