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A Delta wave constitutes the lowest range of brain frequencies and fall in the range of around 0.1 Hz to 4 Hz.

Brain activity in the Delta wave frequency range correlates with the state of deep sleep.

Delta wave frequencies are also common in infants under one year.

The delta waves are the slowest and have the highest amplitude.

This means the slowness will affect the pitch, while the amplitude affects the loudness.

In other words, delta waves are low and loud.

These frequencies help the brain to focus inwardly, while decreasing awareness of the outside environment.

These waves are helpful in attaining a state of connection with the unconscious mind.

Which is exactly the state you want to reach when you meditate.

So, to achieve a higher performance in your daily life, you want to decrease your delta waves.

While individuals who multi-task or perhaps have ADD (attention deficit disorder), have increased levels of delta wave activity. This makes it much more difficult to focus externally.

Although, it should be said, that an inability to focus can occur in anyone who has abnormal and unsuppressed delta wave reactions.

The inability to regulate delta wave activity impairs an individual’s ability to react quickly to external stimuli.

It can also be the cause of an inability to navigate the outside world with ease.

We see much of this happening nowadays.

Too many people are becoming overwhelmed with emotions very quickly by events happening in our society.

Meditation helps to develop the ability to lower and regulate the delta wave frequencies of the brain…

Thereby, gaining mastery over external behavior and emotional maturity.

As studies suggest, meditation is a non-pharmacological, non-invasive form of neuro stimulation that can help to regulate delta wave and brain oscillations.

Understanding the effects of the delta waves and brain frequency oscillations can be very helpful to our daily lives. I know it has with me.

With this understanding we can analyze, support, and improve our thought process and ultimately our spiritual development.

I’m living proof of this. I believe I would not be as calm and healthy as I am now at nearly 60 as I am if it hasn’t been for a daily habit of meditation for more than 30 years.

In fact, I’ve dedicated my life to understanding, healing and maximizing our energy as human beings.

As a result, the last 5-6 years have been dedicated to creating guided meditations for others.

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aura, energy healing, intuitive coach, delta wave, brain waves, meditation, guided meditation

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