Sadly, in the year (2018) we lost some well known and well-loved people to suicide.

It’s why we need to talk about Anthony Bourdain, Kate Spade and Craig Turner (Tina Turner’s son).


Bourdain, was a chef and TV host of  “Parts Unknown” a show where Bourdain flew around the world to bring us food and cooking in other countries. He had a huge and devoted fan base. He was 61.

Kate Spade was also a great success with her sleek and elegant line of handbags and accessories. Women around the globe cherished their Kate Spade bags. Women who are celebrities to soccer moms sang her praises for years. Spade was 55.

Craig Turner was a very successful real estate agent selling high end residential properties in California. He was also the first born son of singing legend Tina Turner. He was 59.


Why would 3 very successful, famous and physically healthy people in their middle years take their own lives?

I think we need to talk about it and I think my take on it maybe somewhat unusual.


First, I want readers to understand that I have never met Bourdain, Spade or Turner and I’m not connected to them in anyway. I know them only through their work and the media like most of us do.



We Need To Talk About ‘Mental Illness’


we need to talk about this - mental illness


Sometimes suicide has origins doctors can’t diagnose.

There certainly are hormonal and neurological components to clinical depression. I just think, with otherwise healthy individuals with every reason to live, there’s a lot more to it.


Instead of labeling the fight against clinical depression and suicide as generic ‘mental illness’ we need to look deeper. I believe the root cause may come in the form of energy.


When I was offering my bodywork sessions (as an independent CMT), on occasion a client would complain about something that wasn’t connected to anything else in their lives.

They didn’t sleep well, or they had sudden random and broad muscle soreness, or they suddenly felt funky or other generalized problems.

These complaints are obviously nothing compared to deep depression, but they do have roots in understanding how energy works and how it gets damaged.

Upon inquiry, I would often find that the client was going through some difficult that was plaguing their thoughts.

When this happens and the individual can not clear their mind and energy field, the residue from that will show up in physical form.



We Need To Talk About The Science

we need to talk about vintage science


Science says we and everything else in the world is made up of 99.9% space and that there is a force within that space.

Quantum science is still mostly a mystery within the scientific community.


Unlike classical physics, where once a theory is proven, doesn’t change. For example, gravity is gravity. What goes up must come down.

Not in the quantum world.


You may or may not believe in auras, chakras or personal energy fields, but these ‘unproven’ energy forms are backed up by modern quantum science. So let’s agree on that.  🙂


Now… if human beings, like everything else on the planet, are atoms held together by waves of invisible energy then these energy fields can get damaged like anything physical.

It’s on this energetic level where the seeds of suicide grow. Which is why we need to talk about this.


All life will fight to save itself when threatened.

Just try to squish a bug. As soon as it realizes a giant is bringing down a shoe on its head it makes a run for it.

So it is with the human spirit.

Then why do people in the prime of their lives, with every reason to live, cut themselves down?



Explaining the Unexplainable


we need to talk about explaining the unexplainable

I’m attempting to put into words here something that is inherently ethereal and unexplainable.

So it’s important to understand, for suicide to happen, in an otherwise healthy, sane and rational person, their energy must be severely damaged in specific ways.


Talk therapy and pharmaceuticals won’t help someone like this. In most cases these practices will make things worse if they have any effect at all.


To damage our energy field to the point where someone wants to leave this Earth before their Divine time there are many things that can happen.




For example;

  • a deep spike of emotional pain which strikes a person to their core, such as the sudden death of a loved one

  • ongoing difficulty with work and finances

  • a negative ongoing or sudden down turn in physical health

  • consistant and intense frustration

  • ongoing stifling of rage

  • a general sense of powerlessness

  • tremendous harboring of guilt and shame


These particular emotional conditions create a vortex or spike-like form of energy which inherently turns inward damaging our personal aura, thereby our sense of ourselves.

It’s the self directed nature of this energy that is so damaging.

If you could see the energy of a person in this state (as some can) you would see how these emotions create a dagger in the energy field. This is not a metaphor.


This type of energy creates real damage in an individual’s energy field. So much so they start “bleeding” life force energy so profusely it changes who they are.

This can be likened to physical bleeding.

If you didn’t know you had internal hemorrhaging, you wouldn’t understand why you were in so much pain, right?

You just knew the pain doubled you over and stopped you from enjoying your life.

If you didn’t receive medical attention for your internal hemorrhaging quickly enough, you would continue to feel great pain and soon die.


So it is with a severely damaged energetic field.

Your life force “bleeds” out of you until all you feel is pain. Constantly.

This state can create a world of self destructive behavior in an attempt to numb it. Drugs. Alcohol.  Extreme promiscuity. Excessive spending. Extra long work hours. Constantly oversleeping.

Some or all of these behaviors may be engaged in to try to distract or dull the individual to their private agony.

I’m not saying this is what happened with the three individuals we need to talk about today…

I’m pointing out an alternative to the common explanation.


Armed With Knowledge

we need to talk about vintage knowledge


So, with this understanding, I’m guessing these successful and beloved people were in a great deal of pain over an issue or several issues they felt they couldn’t do anything about and more than likely blamed themselves for in some way.


They may have tried pharmaceuticals and/or talk therapy.  I don’t know.


These methods may or may not have helped.

I’m not suggesting these curative measures can never be used and don’t have some value.

I’m saying please be wary of them.


Now, armed with this new understanding of energy, if you know someone who may be struggling with clinical depression and want to help, you can start by making it clear it’s not their fault.




What you can do is tell them how much they are contributing to the world around them.

Make it specific.

Make it meaningful to them. As well, make sure they know how valuable they are.


If they are not too far gone they may be able to hear you. They may be able to start repairing some of the damage themselves.

If they don’t seem to hear you, then I would suggest getting help from someone who knows how to heal the human energy field. An outstanding energy healer or what is often known as a Spiritualist Healer.

These types of people are few and far between. Finding them can be difficult.

I would encourage you to look in busy urban areas. That is often where energy healers live, at least in the US.

Starting with a search online is a good.

Use your intuition. Do your research. Ask questions.

They may call themselves psychics, spiritualist healers or energy healers.

Most of them are NOT skilled enough to handle someone with deep clinical depression and on the edge of suicide.

So beware. When you find a good one… they can change your life or the life of a loved one.





Thank you for your interest

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