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Working With Psychics & Spiritualist Healers To Avoid Opioids And Antidepressants

woman 50+ opioids and antidepressants, spiritualist healers, psychic

    In my quest to discuss the Life Force Energy Crisis we are seeing everywhere in our American culture, I do my best to bring a sensible and rational approach to working with the type of psychic known as…
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Intention And Healing: When Psychics Become Psychologists

psychic as Psychologist, intention and healing

  My intention, when writing about The Spirit In Treatment, is to document and describe the events of a Life Force Energy Crisis. More often than not, I find the internet is woefully devoid of specific and complex information on…
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What is A Life Force Energy Crisis {LFEC} And How Is It Healed?

treatment series, spirit in treatment, life force energy

  If you’re in the middle of a Life Force Energy Crisis {LFEC} you will probably have experienced tremendous lethargy, depression, anger, mood swings and exhaustion. Today we have several names for this combination of symptoms. OCD, ADD, ADHD, PTSD,…
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