Artsy Shark Turned Me Down As A Featured Artist And Here’s What Happened…

Artsy Shark Turned Me Down As A Featured Artist And Here’s What Happened…


In September of 2020 I applied to become one of Artsy Shark’s featured artists.

The lady who runs the site, (Carolyn Edlund) features amazing artists.

Unfortunately, Artsy Shark turned me down which was a total bummer, but not completely unexpected.

My art is still ‘growing’.

***Updated 2023 – I now understand I wasn’t nearly ready at all for a spot on Artsy Shark. I continue to refine my art though.***

I like the stage my art is in, but it’s not super trendy.

My art is not nearly as visceral and attention grabbing as most of the artist’s Artsy Shark features.

Although I think most of the work on Edlund’s site is outstanding there have been one or two I truly didn’t get.


I thought I might have a chance of being featured.

I’ve been a closet ‘artist’ for many years, but didn’t like most of the work I did. It wasn’t that good.

Until recently.

I’ve just begun this year, putting it out there for the world to see and possibly buy.


I know I’m no Picasso, (not yet :)) but I thought I would give it a shot.

So I paid my $25, submitted the links to my websites and social media accounts and crossed my fingers.

In October of 2020 I received this email:

artsy shark, featured artist, artwork released, be more creative

artsy shark, be more creative, featured artist

I was disappointed, but not deterred!

So I’m going back to the drawing board…

Although I’ll keep most of the art I have now for sale where it is.


I’ll start playing around with half done pieces and create new ones and continue to push my creativity.

I’d love to have the kind of artistic impact the Artsy Shark’s features artists do.

You should check them out here….

Thank you and I wish you much imagination, Renee


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