‘Secrets Behind the Stone Wall’ A Poem by Red Robbin

‘Secrets Behind the Stone Wall’ A Poem by Red Robbin

Secrets Behind the Stone Wall

The Queen dazzled with red jewels at her throat
High atop the ancient castle standing tall
Looking down upon the fowl fettered moat
What secrets must hide behind that grand stone wall

Only the royal and the rich can have their way
Cakes, fine wine, and concubines on a whim
While woeful masses go hungry all day
Sunday, one day, the fat thank God in a hymn

Taxed heavily by those who hold all the power
The peasants unite to sustain each other
and gathered at the base of the tower
They bravely chose to serenade the Queen Mother

They sang the most splendiferous ballad
The Queen Mother rapt appeared within the hour
She led the chorus back to share ambrosia salad
For fun she was one never to cower

At nightfall, a royal assembly was called
The spry lady driven to reach a new decree
She exploited her wiles to keep partisans enthralled
So that the townspeople may forever be free.

Secrets Behind the Stone Wall – An Original Poem 

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