Below is a video where two book editors talk about the business of editing.

I have to say it sums up a lot of what I’ve discovered editing my own clients manuscripts.

These are accomplished, but not well known editors or writers.

As writers, we need an objective eye to look over our story.

Although, the work of a writer is mostly done in isolation we tend to need help finding our writing voice.

These book editors know what to look for and how to help people become better writers.

The video below features interviewer Ian Brown speaking with writers and book editors Victor Dwyer and Charlotte Gill.

The Banff Center For The Arts is in the Rocky Mountains of Canada and the editors work at this prestigious school. It’s been around since 1933.

The Center runs the Mountain Film and Book Festival which celebrates literature literature, film, and photography on what else? Mountains!

They bring together filmmakers, writers, publishers, editors, photographers, athletes, and adventurers from across Canada and beyond.

Book editors Dwyer and Gill, say the most important thing they want in a story is to be sucked into it.

I completely agree. Who doesn’t want to get sucked into a story? Why else does someone bother picking up a book? 

Probably the most revealing, and most valuable insight is this:

These editors say they can almost always tell, after just a few lines or perhaps the first chapter, whether or not they will like the entire story.

In fact, they have an 8 line rule.

It’s a harsh reality but, I have found this to be true.

This interview is from 2014. Check it out…

Wishing you much imagination…

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