What Is Spiritualism?

What Is Spiritualism?


What Is Spiritualism?

In a nutshell – Spiritualism Is A Spiritual Belief System With 3 Branches; Religion, Philosophy And Science.

It’s a monotheistic religion, philosophy and science based on the practice and demonstration of psychic mediumship.

A Spiritualist is a one who believes in communication between this world and the Spirit World by way of mediumship. Most often Spiritualists are gifted and advanced in the ways of psychism and mediumship.

However, not everyone who is a Spiritualist is a gifted psychic.

Basically, anyone who shares a similar belief system as that of Spiritualism can become a Spiritualist.

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Basic concepts of Spiritualism are:

  • A belief in spirit communication
  • Our souls continue to exist after our physical death
  • Believe we are all personally responsible for our life circumstances
  • A belief that there is One Universal Power, Divine Creator, God Source or Infinite Intelligence
  • Believe that Nature is a direct reflection of the Divine Creator –> that life responds to human beings as human being respond to the Laws of Nature
The 3 Branches ————————————-

1- Spiritualism as a religion follows the Laws of the Divine and recognizes all prophets from all religions throughout the ages.

2- Spiritualism as a philosophy follows the Laws of Nature and believes that each individual and his/her life will be directly affected by how he/she follows those Laws.

3- Spiritualism as a science is based on mediumship as proof of life after death and the existence of spirits.


Spiritualist Beliefs ————————————-

Spiritualists believe that we are here to evolve spiritually and that that belief needs to be used to serve others as we continue to evolve.

There are many Spiritualist Churches across America and around the world. They all hold weekly Sunday services that are similar to the average Christian service.

The most distinctive feature being the psychic messages given to the audience members by the Spiritualist reverends as part of the service.

Although human beings have been communing with spirits since the beginning of time, it was not until the mid 1800s that an organized Spiritualist movement began.

The Spiritualist movement started when a surge of psychic mediums began giving public demonstrations of mediumship. This was after or in response to stories of psychic phenomenon began circulating throughout towns and villages.


Origination of Spiritualism ———————–

It seems to have originated in the eastern United States and parts of the UK. From there, the fascination of Spiritualism and mediumship grew and spread to other parts of the world.

Many people had their own stories of psychic phenomenon to tell. Others were interested in contacting their won deceased relatives.

Groups formed and met on a regular basis to develop their own psychic mediumship abilities.

Eventually, after a number of decades, many frauds were exposed and the movement died away. Not before Spiritualist Churches hod formed and taken root throughout the US and abroad.

Spiritualist Churches are alive and well today.

The word Spiritualist has become an accepted term for those who were born with an exceptional psychic ability independent of any affiliation with a Spiritualist Church.


Define A Spiritualist Healer ———————-

Spiritualist Healers are psychics born with exceptional ability. They are then trained to heal the human energy field and work with the etheric entities around us.

They are not necessarily members of a Spiritualist Church and those who are are not necessarily Spiritualist Healers.

Spiritualist Healers are almost always trained by people within their own families. The knowledge is usually passed down through generations. This powerful work that can be very effective in dealing with all types of maladies, be they mental, emotional, energetic or physical.


What Spiritualist Healers Do? ———————-

What a Spiritualist Healer does is very specific. Psychically and intuitively they discover where damage is in a person’s energy, discover how that injury in affecting the person and how to heal and correct it.

They can be intuitively shown (whether through visual, auditory or kinesthetic means) where and how to heal the damage. This includes channelers.

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