I’ve worked with a psychic Spiritualist Healer for over 2 decades. At first I was a client, then I became an apprentice. Now I’m an intuitive life energy coach.

There were times when she, as a psychic, became a psychologist with her clients.

So, my intention when I write about life force energy, is to document the types of events involving the use (and abuse) of our life force energy.

Unfortunately, I find the internet is woefully devoid of specific and complex information, let alone a true understanding, on the human energy system.

Many Are Struggling

From my experience, I believe many people are dealing with a wide variety of damage to their energy systems. So, when they come to a Spiritualist Healer – the psychic becomes a healer and a psychologist of sorts.

This energetic damage weakens us in many ways and allows negative energy to flow into our field. In turn, it makes our thoughts and emotions darker and more destructive… to ourselves and others.

The reasons for this are multi-fold. Much of this has to do with how far we’ve gotten away from nature.

Let me explain…

When I grew up, the most advanced technology was a pager. Remember those? They would beep you to tell you that you had a message waiting.

pager psychic energy healing

Computers were huge things that sat on desks in offices where the employees could communicate within their own network.

The modern internet as we know it today, didn’t come along until the 80s.

Of course, the seeds of our computer generation were sown much earlier in the 1950s.

Today, our world’s population has more than doubled that from when I was a child.

Technology and the world’s population is relevant to this article because our life force energy is being used by computers and human beings every day.

So the more of them there are the more our life energy is drained.

As a result, more people are coming to psychics for help. They know conventional medicine can’t help.

Below are some stats on what we are living with today and below that are more details as to WHY these circumstances are so draining to the human energy system.

Here’s a page with some interesting stats on global numbers of people. See below.

Here are a few stand out years over the last couple of centuries:

The year 1900 –> The world’s population = 1,600,000,000

1951 —>  2,583,816,786

1971 —>  3,775,790,900

1990 —>  5,330,943,460

2000 —>  6,145,006,989

2010 —>  6,958,169,159

2019 —>  7,714,576,923

2020—>  7,840,952,880

2021—>   7,909,295,151

2022—>   7,975,105,156

2023—>  8,045,311,447

**Although I pulled these numbers from an “official” source they don’t really ring true. Especially, the last 3 years, when apparently so many people died from the (Cofefe-19 in 2020). However, the point is that there are A LOT more people on the planet these days.**

Why Is This Relevant?

Between the elevated number of people on the Earth and near constant contact with computer devices, human beings have put themselves in a position that is just not natural.

For so many people, their energy level and negative, erratic emotions are at an all time low and high respectively.

get back to nature, heal yourself, energy healing

I believe this is because of the daily, microscopic damage done to our energy system through interacting with technology, being sedentary for much of the day, living out of harmony with nature and working with so many other human beings usually in congested areas.

We can replenish ourselves with good food and a good night’s rest, but when your energetic system is damaged, it affects everything else…. AND it’s much more difficult to replenish than our physical body.

Turn Away

That’s why I think it’s so important to turn away from pharmaceuticals, modern medicine and talk therapy.

They don’t work when it’s your life force energy which is damaged.

For example, America is in the midst of an opioid crisis with women over 50 being particularly at risk.

That’s not normal by any standard. Taking drugs to cure every ache and pain is not how the human physiology was meant to function. Nor is it what our life energy needs either.

If you have severe pain from an acute incident, such as a compound fracture or severe pain from a chronic illness, such as cancer, then the wonders of modern medicine should intervene.

I’m not against progress. It’s the malignant adoption of said progress that can be so damaging.

Done Talking

I also think talk therapy is highly over rated. There are few therapists that can stay mentally present enough with their clients to do some good. They may too, have a psychological arsenal of life adaptation tools at the ready to share with their client too.

However, therapists like this are few and far between.

I know this because I was in and out of talk therapy in my 20s.

I think they meant well, but I’m not sure much healing happened.

With a couple of ‘therapists’ I went in feeling pretty bad about myself and came out feeling worse.

psychic, energy healing, life energy coach

So unless the counselor has real psychological coping strategies to share and can truly stay mentally focused, energetically positive and in the moment with you during the session, they won’t be much help.

That’s how our life energy works.

It can only be healed in the present and not by dredging up old memories.

(**This is an extremely brief description of a very complex process**)

Psychics As Psychologists

This is why so many people are seeing psychics nowadays.

You may not know it, but a good percentage of the people in your office went to get a palm reading or had a tarot card reading over the weekend. It’s true and it doesn’t matter what type of  industry you work in.

Yes… and that includes Ted, the funny looking guy down the hall, Marcy, the buttoned up manager and John, the lanky, irrescible CFO.

How do I know this? Because my psychic Spiritualist Healer has shared many stories. No names of course, but she’s dealt with people of all walks of life. From homeless people to Academy Award winners. It’s true.

So, if you’re feeling exhausted for no particular reason and can’t seem to recover, or have other strange aches and pains or negative emotions for no real reason, your life force energy may be damaged.

If that’s the case, you may want to consult a psychic or perhaps use my own healing and coaching services.


I hope this has helped you understand your life force energy better and in fact, understand our human existence more deeply.

Thanks for reading. I wish you many imaginative tales.

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